Procure to Pay

Faster to market and enriched customer experience with end-to-end automation

Tranform your order-to-procurement workflows for small and medium enterprises, leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our solution automates purchase, inventory, and delivery operations, driving efficiency across the board.


Faster order processing and delivery to customers


Reduction in operational efforts


Increased capacity to handle more business volumes


Reduction in operational risk and probability of errors/ rework rates


Faster onboarding of new customers

Key Features

Incoming Orders

Seamless connectivity to incoming order channels via CRM and emails to extract and organise data from purchase orders.

New Product Notification  

Instant updated on new producst based on
product information.

Deeper Insights

Automated reporting mechanism on order fulfilment, pending orders, warehouse inventory and time for fulfilment.

Procurement or ERP Systems

Order processing and placement through procurement or ERP systems.

Shortfalls and Reporting

Automated inventory notifications for shortfalls and reporting across multiple storage locations.

Compliance Survey

Intuitive and interactive questionnaire for end-users to collect feedback define smarter processes .

Customer Stories

Transforming Compliance Policy Management with GenAI

Discover how LatentBridge’s GenAI-powered solution enhanced accessibility and understanding of regulatory compliance policies for a large European financial services firm.


Success in fetching contextualised information


Access to relevant information


Document search and compare

Customer Stories

Accelerating digital transformation with an Intelligent Automation CoE for a leading business process services provider

Established an Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence (IA CoE) to scale automation initiatives across the organisation and meet business goals of customer experience, employee engagement, and process efficiencies. The IA CoE put together an automation roadmap by identifying the right automation candidates, an ROI maximisation framework, best practices for tools and methodologies, and the adoption of industry standards in processes and documentation.


Reusable code was developed showcasing an extensible design philosophy


Faster release cycle for new processes


Processes were automated in parallel as benchmark processes

Customer Stories

Increased efficiency of Accounts Payable for a leading industry organisation of merchants

Modernised Accounts Payable function with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI-based solution handling more than 40000 invoices across about 100 merchants. A single intelligent automation framework was developed to enable automated extraction of invoice data, verification against purchase orders, making journal entries and communication exceptions with relevant teams.


Accurate reconciliation of invoices


Reduction in manual efforts


Reduction in overdue payments

Customer Stories

Improved fee collection and revenues for leading wealth and investment adviser in the UK

Streamlined revenue and billing operations across more than 3000 clients and over 80 plan administrators by designing a centralised fee management and administration platform. The solution included an API-based ingestion of fee statements, automated fee receivables, matched it to statement data and flagged unmatched items, thus improving fee collection and improving business productivity.


Fee management efforts automated


Reduction in supervision efforts


Real-time / on-demand Fee MIS & Analytics

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