Financial Services

Fueling Growth and Trust in Resilient Financial Markets
Financial Services firms contend with challenges of market volatility, mounting pressure from the changing regulatory landscape, highly competitive environment for deals, cost and availability of credit and increasing demand for personalised client experiences.  Thriving in this dynamic financial world requires a strategic approach to transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), analytics and automation.

With our extensive industry knowledge, we build our bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure, automating operations, enhancing customer experience, and increasing profitability.

Optimise operations

Minimise regulatory risks

Build deeper customer relationships

New revenue streams

Capital Markets

KYC and AML: Streamline KYC and AML operations through process excellence, and AI-driven analytics to enhance customer experience, reduce costs and drive business growth through robust risk management.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence: Employ AI-powered data analytics to automate the due diligence process in M&A transactions.

Post-trade operations: Simplify middle- and back-office operations by automating trade confirmations and reconciliation enabling T+1 settlements.

Automated Regulatory Reporting: Implement AI-driven tools to automate the gathering, analysis, and reporting of regulatory data, ensuring timely and accurate submissions while reducing the risk of manual errors.

Asset and Wealth Management

Client Communication Automation: Automate emails, meetings and reporting for timely updates on performance, market insights, and recommendations.

Hyper-personalised Portfolio Management: Deliver AI-powered investment recommendations based on risk tolerance, market trends and investor profile.

Digital Onboarding: Facilitate seamless client onboarding, ensuring efficient KYC-AML and document verification with AI-enabled automation.

Market Research and Trend Analysis: Leverage generative AI for investment and market research to automatically analyze vast datasets, generate actionable insights, and uncover emerging trends.

Revenue management and fee billing: Automate and centralise revenue management and fee billing processes to enable accurate invoicing, reduce errors, and minimise revenue leakage.

Private Equity

AI-Driven Deal Sourcing: Effortlessly uncover and evaluate investment opportunities, streamlining the identification of cutting-edge prospects.

Automation-Enhanced Investment Screening and Analysis: Meticulously screen and analyse ventures, ensuring a data-driven assessment in alignment with your strategic goals.

AI-Powered Due Diligence: Develop comprehensive insights into financial statements, and operational, and regulatory facets of target companies to identify potential risks and opportunities.

Portfolio Optimisation: Enable accurate, data-driven decisions in a competitive investment landscape, analysing financial and operational data, market sentiment, as well as news and social media.

Automation-Facilitated Exit Planning: Execute a seamless exit strategy leveraging AI insights and technological foresight to maximize returns and ensure a successful transition.

Customer Stories

Transforming Compliance Policy Management with GenAI

Discover how LatentBridge’s GenAI-powered solution enhanced accessibility and understanding of regulatory compliance policies for a large European financial services firm.


Success in fetching contextualised information


Access to relevant information


Document search and compare

Customer Stories

Improved fee collection and revenues for leading wealth and investment adviser in the UK

Streamlined revenue and billing operations across more than 3000 clients and over 80 plan administrators by designing a centralised fee management and administration platform. The solution included an API-based ingestion of fee statements, automated fee receivables, matched it to statement data, and flagged unmatched items, thus improving fee collection and improving business productivity.


Fee management efforts automated


Reduction in supervision efforts


Real-time / on-demand Fee MIS & Analytics

Customer Stories

Reduced post trade settlement fails for a global investment bank

Implemented a smart pre-matching settlement product using robotic process automation (RPA) and workflow management technology across 40 markets and 4 time zones. The intelligent solution extracts market-specific trade data (SSI) from settlement systems, determines counterparty information from reference data, contacts them via email, and tracks the response to ensure trades are pre-matched accurately.


Reduction in manual efforts to match trades


Quicker communication to counterparties


Increased matching efficiency

Customer Stories

Hyper personalised customer experience at speed and scale for the smart adviser

Transformed the traditionally paper-intensive, highly manual workflow of a financial adviser by delivering the Connected Adviser Platform. The product has built-in intelligent CRM and actionable client insights, intuitive digital onboarding of customers, automated investment profile generation, AI-enabled advice, and automated client reports for advisers at a Top 100 Financial Adviser firm.


Increase in client engagements


Reduction in client profiling time


Rise in administrator capacity

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