Customer Care

Deliver seamless, hyper personalised customer experience
AI-powered customer service has revolutionised the way businesses provide personalised experiences to their customers. By automating repetitive tasks and harnessing the power of AI, successful companies are improving customer engagement, empowering their employees and tackling operational challenges. Elevate your customer care capabilities with our cutting-edge solutions that can transform your support operations, deliver exceptional experiences, and foster customer loyalty.

Personalised Customer Interactions

Reduced response time

24/7 Access to support

Data Collection and Analysis

Intelligent Chatbots: Deploy conversational AI chatbots for intelligent and personalised responses to customer queries, freeing up human agents for more complex issues.

Automated Ticketing System: Implement a smart ticketing system that categorises and prioritises customer inquiries, streamlining the resolution process.

Voice Recognition for Call Routing: Implement voice recognition technology to route customer calls efficiently, reducing wait times and enhancing overall call center performance.

Customer Feedback Analysis: Analyse customer feedback using natural language processing (NLP) to identify patterns and trends, enabling continuous improvement in service quality.

Customer Stories

Accelerating digital transformation with an Intelligent Automation CoE for a leading business process services provider

Established an Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence (IA CoE) to scale automation initiatives across the organisation and meet business goals of customer experience, employee engagement, and process efficiencies. The IA CoE put together an automation roadmap by identifying the right automation candidates, an ROI maximisation framework, best practices for tools and methodologies, and the adoption of industry standards in processes and documentation.


Reusable code was developed showcasing extensible design philosophy


Faster release cycle for new processes


Processes were automated in parallel as benchmark processes

Customer Stories

Hyper personalised customer experience at speed and scale for the smart adviser

Transformed the traditionally paper-intensive, highly manual workflow of a financial adviser by delivering the Connected Adviser Platform. The product has built-in intelligent CRM and actionable client insights, intuitive digital onboarding of customers, automated investment profile generation, AI-enabled advice, and automated client reports for advisers at a Top 100 Financial Adviser firm.


Increase in client engagements


Reduction in client profiling time


Rise in administrator capacity

Customer Stories

Faster delivery to customers for a leading online supplier of building materials

Digitalised the entire procurement-to-payment cycle leveraging roboticprocess automation and machine learning. The intelligent automation solution seamlessly integrated incoming purchase orders, checked inventory, placed work orders for relevant units, and generated invoices, updating the existing ERP systems as needed. The AI-enabled solution handled unstructured data in varied formats across invoices, rate cards, and product codes, enabling accurate delivery to customers within the committed timelines.


Speed of order processing enabling faster turnaround and delivery to customers


Reduction in operational efforts


Reduction in rework and error rates.

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