Deliveran immersive buying experience across channels
In the contemporary retail landscape, technology is reshaping traditional paradigms and propelling the industry into a new era. Digital transformation with an increasing reliance on advanced technologies such as AI, machine learning, and automation is the key to success. Retailers must serve customer demands for seamless, personalised buying experiences while optimising internal processes for enhanced efficiency.

Our cutting-edge AI and intelligent automation solutions streamline operations, optimise workflows, and empower retailers to stay ahead of the curve.

Efficient Operations

Data-driven Insights

Personalised Customer Experience

Increased Competitiveness

Chatbot Integration: Enhance customer support with conversational AI chatbots that provide real-time assistance, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Segmentation and Recommendation: Leverage AI and intelligent automation to analyse customer data, tailor marketing strategies and provide personalised recommendations.

Inventory Management: Optimise stock levels and minimise wastage with AI-driven inventory forecasting and management.

Price Optimisation: Implement dynamic pricing strategies based on market trends and competitor analysis, maximising revenue and staying competitive.

Supply Chain Visibility: Leverage advanced analytics to gain insights into the supply chain, for improved forecasting, understand market conditions and plan for inventory.

Customer Stories

Transforming Compliance Policy Management with GenAI

Discover how LatentBridge’s GenAI-powered solution enhanced accessibility and understanding of regulatory compliance policies for a large European financial services firm.


Success in fetching contextualised information


Access to relevant information


Document search and compare

Customer Stories

Increased efficiency of Accounts Payable for a leading industry organisation of merchants

Modernised Accounts Payable function with robotic process automation (RPA) and AI-based solution handling more than 40000 invoices across about 100 merchants A single intelligent automation framework was developed to enable automated extraction of invoice data, verification against purchase orders, journal entries, and communication exceptions with relevant teams.


Accurate reconciliation of invoices


Reduction in manual efforts


Reduction in overdue payments

Customer Stories

Faster delivery to customers for a leading online supplier of building materials

Digitalised the entire procurement-to-payment cycle leveraging roboticprocess automation and machine learning. The intelligent automation solution seamlessly integrated incoming purchase orders, checked inventory, placed work orders for relevant units, and generated invoices, updating the existing ERP systems as needed. The AI-enabled solution handled unstructured data in varied formats across invoices, rate cards, and product codes, enabling accurate delivery to customers within the committed timelines.


Speed of order processing enabling faster turnaround and delivery to customers


Reduction in operational efforts


Reduction in rework and error rates.

Customer Stories

Boosted employee morale and improved productivity for a leading online provider of medical equipment

Streamlined and automated the supplier invoicing process enabled on the cloud with fully digitalised, paper-free features that eliminated manually intensive, error-prone data input into ERP systems. The machine-learning-enabled solution extracts data from the invoices, inputs them into the ERP systems, and flags any exceptions.


Reduction per-invoice processing cost


Cleared over 4000 pending unprocessed invoices


Immediate processing of orders and invoices

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