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Transforming Compliance Policy Management with GenAI

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What our client wanted:

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, managing regulatory compliance policies across a large enterprise is often complex and challenging. Staying compliant involves handling large volumes of data, maintaining stringent security measures, and rigorous data privacy standards.  

The forward-thinking large financial services firm was looking for a knowledgeable partner to help navigate the intricacies of compliance, harnessing the latest technologies like Generative AI to their advantage. The organisation wanted to streamline its operations across geographies while providing easy and appropriate access to the team and meeting stringent data confidentiality mandates.  

Limitations of the current way of working:

Operating across multiple countries, the European bank grappled with a lot of structured and unstructured data and documentation in various formats. Their primary objective was to ensure team members could search and retrieve relevant information quickly, irrespective of the language.  

Some of the challenges included:


Linguistic and regional Diversity: The bank had to manage policies in various languages, staying on top of regional regulations.

Managing access to sensitive information: Information access needed to be strictly regulated with users being able to search information based on the access and permissions they have.

Siloed management of compliance policies: Various teams managed compliance policy documents locally and there was no centralised mechanism to ensure consistency.

Difficulty in fetching appropriate information: Team members had to manually navigate complex documents that were highly nuanced to find the information they needed.

Dynamic regulatory landscape: With policies often subject to change, the bank needed to ensure all documents were updated regularly and promptly.

“LatentBridge's expertise has allowed us to quickly demonstrate the benefit of GenAI whilst maintaining the highest standards in terms of security, data protection, and regulatory matters.

With their innovative approach to solution design and fast-paced delivery, we have implemented a document interrogator Chatbot enabling users to easily retrieve and summarise document content (e.g. policies, procedures, agreements) in multiple languages whilst preserving user access data permissions. LatentBridge has proven to be a reliable partner in enhancing our capability and compliance efforts."

Leading Investment Bank

How we helped:

LatentBridge worked closely with the financial services firm to design a customisable solution that addressed these challenges. The team leveraged its proprietary Generative AI adoption framework to design an enterprise knowledge search solution powered by GPT-3.5 running on the Azure Cloud.  

The application incorporates natural language processing, seamlessly integrates policy databases, learns continuously, and is always accessible.

The team developed a robust knowledge base with the bank’s proprietary data, including policies in multiple languages. This strategic approach ensured a high level of confidentiality and data protection. With smart search and document training, the solution provided context-aligned responses with appropriate interpretations and nuances.  

Furthermore, the solution included advanced functionalities such as document search and comparison, multi-lingual support, and access level controls.

The Impact on our Client:

The implementation of the GenAI-based enterprise knowledge search solution had a transformative impact on the organisation's information retrieval and knowledge management capabilities.

Instant access to information: The solution was able to retrieve accurate information almost instantaneously as against a manual search across multiple policy documents taking between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Context-aware knowledge: Team members were able to retrieve contextualised, up-to-date, and highly nuanced responses to their inquiries about 99% of the time.  

Enhanced cost-efficiency: Working on serverless infrastructure on Azure ensured cost-efficiency and scalability.

Strengthened data security and access: With robust data privacy and security measures and strict access controls, the bank was able to safeguard sensitive information and meet compliance standards.

Augmented employee experience: Faster search and comparison between documents and easier access to accurate and relevant information enabled the team to make faster decisions regarding their compliance policies.

The integration of GenAI-powered solutions by LatentBridge not only revolutionised compliance policy management for the European financial services firm but also set a precedent for leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance accessibility and user experience while maintaining stringent security protocols and data privacy measures.  


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