Find what you need, when you need it, with the most intuitive GenAI-powered Enterprise Knowledge Search

Intelligent Knowledge Search for EnterpriseS

Goes beyond keywordsLeverages natural language processing and other powerful LLMs to retrieve highly contextualised information in an easy-to-use manner.

Answers in the language of your choiceCollates information across many languages and provides a response based on the language chosen by the user.

Learns with you and stays updatedContinuously enhances results through user feedback while staying updated with the latest information.

Searches over multiple data sourcesBrings together data from various sources like databases, SharePoint, internal messaging and chat platforms, and emails to provide a unified search experience.

Keep enterprise data secureYour data is safe and never used to train models. Moreover, our advanced access level controls ensure you see only what you are allowed to.

Customer Stories

Transforming Compliance Policy Management with Fetch

Discover how LatentBridge’s GenAI-powered solution enhanced accessibility and understanding of regulatory compliance policies for a large European bank.


Success in fetching contextualised information


Access to relevant information


Document search and compare

Fetch in action

Turning concepts into use cases

Fetch for Compliance

Extract relevant and crucial information from compliance policy documents in a nuanced and contextualised way, while staying updated on the most recent changes.

Fetch for Legal

Streamline contract review processes by automatically extracting key terms and clauses, highlighting potential risks or discrepancies, and generating contract summaries.

Fetch for Document compare

Pinpoint differences between two documents aiding document analysis, precise version control, and meeting compliance standards.