Go beyond just enterprise search with LatentBridge’s Fetch

April 30, 2024
2 mins

LatentBridge’s Fetch, the most intuitive knowledge copilot powered by generative AI, is changing how businesses access and utilise enterprise information. Already known for its comprehensive search capabilities, it now offers an innovative suite of features designed to provide deeper insights into documents which are easily adaptable for each team and department.

Document Compare and Review

Say goodbye to tedious manual comparisons. This new feature allows users to upload and compare documents in multiple formats for example docx, pdfs, pptx and many other file types, rapidly identifying similarities and differences. It also provides concise summaries that allow for quick analysis and enhanced decision-making.

Chat with a Document

Navigating of large documents has never been easier. Fetch allows users to interact with large documents and in multiple languages, through a conversational interface. It makes it easier to find specific information without wading through numerous pages of text, saving valuable time, and improving productivity.

Tailored for Your Team

Fetch understands that every team is unique. It allows you to create custom copilots for example, marketing, sales, legal, HR, or customer care. It fosters collaboration and boosts efficiency, enabling team members to work from a unified and intelligent knowledge base.

Fetch integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, offering scalable and secure generative AI capabilities to enhance knowledge management for your enterprise. Its content-agnostic design ensures accurate, context-specific responses across diverse digital touchpoints, enabling teams and customers to find and understand complex information effortlessly.  

Fetch – where enterprise knowledge meets innovation.

Want to know more about how Fetch can help your enterprise boost productivity, enhanced customer experience and save time? Learn more or get a live demo.